A Message from Anita
Founder of All Beings Yoga

First, I want to thank each of you for joining me on this journey into live-streaming yoga classes. I have learned so much and truly appreciate your encouragement and feedback. Live-streaming is quite different from in-person classes and has the potential to feel isolating and disjointed.  I’m amazed at how on BOTH FaceBook and Zoom, we have created a sense of community and learning despite this pandemic.

As we move into July and the Summer, I have some exciting changes planned for All Beings Yoga!

The 30-minute FaceBook Live classes have been refreshingly fun and I truly appreciate you who have attended regularly from Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, Missouri, Peru, France, Australia and more! Since mid-March, these classes have been my gift to the community as we struggled to contend with the realities of COVID and were faced with the sudden changes to our everyday lives and routines.

As this ‘new normal’ continues, our 30-minute classes move to a donation-based platform on Zoom, effective Monday July 14th.

Here’s how it works:

Wake up
and smell the yoga
Monday Wednesday Friday
8:30 am

NOTE TIME CHANGE for the Summer!  
Chair Yoga,
it’s not just sitting around…
Tuesdays & Thursdays
12 noon 
First, using the link below, register for Unlimited Access to 30 DAYS of 30-minute classes!

The app will invite you to make a donation in the amount of your choice.SUGGESTED DONATION:   $7.00 per class

If you plan to attend:

  • 3 times a week     $84/month
  • 2 times a week     $56/month
  • Once a week        $28/month

These amounts are merely a suggestion. Please, give what you can! No amount too small!

After you make a donation, you can hold your spot for as many classes as you like for ONE MONTH. You will receive an email with the zoom link for the class.

Note that for the first week of this change (July 13-17), the classes will livestream on FaceBook and Zoom simultaneously!!

Let’s try this system and see how it goes!

Register Now

The 1-Hour Zoom classes have been awesome too! I am so grateful to my regular Zoom students who have maintained their commitment to their yoga practice. On this adventure into livestream yoga, we have learned about adapting to our current reality, being flexible and, even, finding advantages to practicing from home and listening more profoundly to our own bodies.

This Summer, we will learn to build strength and resilience with slightly more advanced poses and take time to go deeper into relaxation and rejuvenation. As always, options for all abilities will be given.  All are welcome to join!

1-Hour Classes
Thursday 6pm 
Open Level for ALL Beings
Tuesday  7:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am

$20 per class.  10-pak $160.

NOTE: Sunday group classes discontinued for the Summer.

Book a One-Hour Class
30-minute tune-ups have also been well-received! Here’s how they work: Meet with me one-on-one and get tips and pointers on your form. Ask those nagging questions. Learn to go deeper into your practice.  Cost $60. Save $10 on your first tune-up. Code: tune-up
Book A Tune-Up

New Package!

1-Hour Class 10-Pak + Tune-Up  $210.00

Purchase a 10-Class Card and get a 30-minute Tune-Up for $50 (a $10 savings!)

Book A 10-Pak + Tune-Up Package
Much gratitude to all for you continued support
and enthusiasm for All Beings Yoga.

Looking forward to seeing you on the screen this summer!

Contact me if you have any questions.

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