Anita Haravon, PhD - Yoga Instructor

All Beings Yoga

yoga for people of all sizes,
body types and physical ability


Anita Haravon, PhD - Yoga Instructor

All Beings Yoga

Yoga for people of all sizes,
body types and physical ability


Online Streaming
Now Available!

Yoga classes for people of all sizes,
body types and physical ability

Practice yoga in the comfort
of your own home!

1-Hour Class Schedule

Beginners, this class is for you!
Thursday 6pm
Open Level for ALL Beings
Tuesday 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am

$20 Per class

10-pak $160

When you register,  you will receive an email with a Zoom meeting link.

Click the link to join the class!

NO ZOOM ACCOUNT or technological knowledge necessary. Just a CLICK!

Free and/or discounts for ALL essential workers and folks experiencing financial hardship. Yoga is for everyone!
Email for discount code.

Wake Up Yoga with Anita

Wake up
and smell the yoga!

8:30 am

Chair Yoga with Anita

Chair Yoga,
it’s not just sitting around…

12 noon

Register using the link below.
Make a donation in the amount of your choice.
$7.00 per class

If you plan to attend:

3 times a week-$84/month
2 times a week-$56/month
Once a week-$28/month

These amounts are merely a suggestion. Please, give what you can! No amount too small!
After you make a donation, hold your spot for as many classes as you like for ONE MONTH. You will receive an email with the zoom link for the class.
Let’s try this system and see how it goes!

Tune Up

30-minute tune-ups
Meet with me one-on-one with Anita.
Get tips and pointers on your form. Ask those nagging questions. Learn to go deeper into your practice.
Cost $60.
Get $10 off your first tune-up. CODE: tune-up


Have you wanted to try yoga, but fear it is not for someone of your height, weight, age, gender, level of fitness, degree of flexibility, etc?

Experience yoga with an instructor who works with people recovering from injuries, people with physical limitations and people of all sizes and body types.

Anita uses her yoga training and health care background to make yoga accessible to all. Her teaching style is perfect for students who want to practice with balance and care in order to prevent and avoid injuries.



Anita has a special gift for teaching with a flare for creating a practice that’s tailored to you and your specific needs. She showed me how to increase strength and flexibility after a shoulder injury and has helped enormously with my balance and posture.

– LAURA C., Journalist
Private sessions with Anita have been excellent! Her knowledge of physiology goes well beyond what you would normally get from a yoga session. I have a back injury and feel completely safe working with Anita. During a flare up of back pain, a session with Anita actually provided pain relief. I have never enjoyed yoga in the past and now I look forward to practicing it weekly!

– NICOLE, Attorney
I took several classes with Anita and she is wonderful. Very understanding of my physical limitations and knowledgeable on how to work with me. Beautiful heart.

– CLAUDIA, Paralegal
I see Ms. Anita once a week at the senior center. I am getting more flexible slowly
but surely.

– LAURA M.,Retired