About Anita


Yoga Instructor

Have you wanted to try yoga, but fear it is not for someone of your height, weight, age, gender, level of fitness, degree of flexibility, etc? Experience yoga with an instructor who works with folks with injuries, people in larger bodies and people who think they are not flexible enough.

Anita uses her yoga training and health care background to bring make yoga accessible to all. Her clients include people recovering from injuries, people with physical limitations and people of all sizes and body types. Anita’s teaching style is perfect for students who want to practice with balance and care in order to prevent and avoid injuries. With advanced certification from Mind Body Solutions (Matthew Sanford), Accessible Yoga (Jivana Heyman) and FAMI (Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries), and Buddha Body Yoga (Michael Hayes). She teaches at the Center for Spine Care and Mobility in Manhattan and with the Shape Up NYC program of the NYC Parks & Recreation Department. Anita was a clinician and researcher in audiology and communication disorders for over twenty years and received her doctorate in Speech & Hearing Sciences from the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. Anita is also a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and has volunteered with Central Park Medical Unit and the American Red Cross.